Donate through La Reuni贸n Foundation to help victims of the Fuego Volcano eruption in Guatemala 馃寢

What happened

On Sunday, June 3rd, Guatemala鈥檚 Fuego Volcano erupted, killing at least 75 people, while thousands are still missing. The eruption was violent, spewing ash nearly four miles into the air and burying villages under a deadly avalanche-like phenomenon called a pyroclastic flow; this is the same kind of searing cloud of debris that destroyed the city of Pompeii after Mount Vesuvius exploded in 79 AD.

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Expiration Date

La Reuni贸n Golf Resort and Residences activated the appropriate security protocols and acted immediately, safely evacuating our guests, employees and other visitors who were in the premises at the time. However, nearby villages, which are the homes and communities of our employees and their families, are still suffering the loss of loved ones and everything they owned. Thousands more have been forced to leave their homes and over 1.7 million Guatemalans have been affected by this natural disaster.

How you can help

We鈥檝e already started this fundraising campaign with a donation ourselves, but we鈥檙e convinced that together, we can do and help more further than what we could鈥檝e ever imagined.

To aid the victims of this terrible tragedy please visit to make a donation. There are two ways you can give to the surrounding villages:

  • Give them relief: a one-time donation.
  • Give them a future: a monthly donation for as long as you decide.

With these funds you鈥檒l provide much needed food and essential items, as well as a way to rebuild their future by giving them access to a home, health and education. Our first priority will be to help the village of San Miguel los Lotes, an area where most of the people who worked with us and their loved ones lived. We will continue our efforts by helping surrounding villages.

We鈥檇 like to thank you in advance for any and all contributions you make. We feel your solidarity with Guatemala and its people, we will continue working together to build a better future for the communities we owe ourselves to.

La Reuni贸n Foundation

La Reuni贸n Foundation is an organization created with the sole purpose of contributing to the well being, social transformation, and continued progress of the surrounding communities in such a way that our actions are in accordance with their idiosyncrasy, promoting self sufficiency and sustainability.

We strive to be a foundation that actively intervenes in the development of Guatemalan communities, accompanying the management of programs and projects that help their beneficiaries overcome their social and economic hardships.

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